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Question from MANISH:

how to calculate gsm given kg of 144 sheets and size in inches
example 28" x 22" & 16.3 kgs = ?gsm (of 144 sheets)


Each sheet is 28 × 22 = 616 square inches. You have 144 sheets so that's 144 × 616 = 88704 square inches. The weight of this 88704 square inches is 16.3 kilograms which is 16300 grams. Thus the sheets weigh 16300/88704 = 0.1838 grams per square inch. For the final calculation ask Google. If you type
0.1838 grams per square inch to grams per square meter into Google the response is (0.1838 grams) per (square inch) = 284.89057 grams per (square meter).

I hope this helps,

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