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Question from Maria, a parent:

What is the last ten letters and numbers in the following series and how do I work it out so I can explain it to an eleven year old.



Hint: Why ten more characters? (You won't be able to answer this yet but keep it in mind.)

How many more letters are there?

Make a copy without the numbers:

JFMAMJJ _ _ _ _ _

Does that look any more familiar?

Now, what do the numbers have to do with the letters? [Hint: which is the unusual one?]

Good Hunting!



As far as how do you explain it to an 11 year old. Show the 11 year old RD's hint and see if he or she can solve from there.



Show him or her a calendar of this year, and see what comes up.
(With a calendar of 2008, the sequence would be J1F9M1A0....).


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