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Question from Taylor, a student:

How is math used in the workplace - Nurse Anesthetist?

Hi Taylor,

I can direct you to some information on nurses in the workplace.

First go to the Quandaries and Queries page on Math Central and use the Quick Search to search for the term nurse. You will bring up two pages that might be useful.

Second go to the Math Beyond School section on Math Central and again use the serach tool to search for the term nurse. The note called Medicine and Math might help.

Finally there is a companion web site to Math Central called Aboriginal Perspectives, where among other things are some interviews with Aboriginal people, people you might call Native Americans. One of the interviews is with Tara Littlechief, a recent nursing graduate. Look in particular at video clip 8 on this page where Tara responds to the question "How much math is involved in nursing?"

I hope this information helps,

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