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Question from Yvonne:

Hi, I would be most grateful if you could help me, because I have no idea how to work this out! I am moving from a house to a flat, and the doors in the flat are 70 cm wide. I have a sofa 88 x 88 x 215. Will it go through the door if we tip it sideways at an angle? I'm sorry if someone has already asked this type of question, but I'm extremely mathematically challenged! Thanks, Yvonne

A box of those dimensions would not fit, but the sofa almost certainly will, if the door is at least 215 cm tall. Stand it on end, push the back of the sofa through, and then turn it and put the seat through. If there is a wall very close to the door on one side you may have to choose carefully.

If the door is too short you may be able to fit the sofa through end-first tilted through 45 degrees so the top of the back is above the edge of the seat. If the legs come off this will make things much easier (you can probably leave the front legs on); otherwise, if it looks tricky and there are only four legs, put the first pair of legs through just ahead of the sofa; straighten out and put most of the sofa through; then turn and bring the other pair of legs through last.

Good Hunting!

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