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Question from Andy:

You kindly responded to a question I previously sent with regard to a Golf Holiday and I wonder if I might ask another question please. There are now 7 players playing 5 rounds of golf and I wonder if it is possible to devise a schedule where everyone plays with each other a minimum of two times i.e. they will play twice with some and three times with others. As always, many thanks for your kind assistance.


A seven day schedule where every pair plays together 3 times has the threesomes being 013, 124, 235, 346, 045, 056, and 026 over the seven days. If you drop out any two of the days you get a schedule where each pair plays together at least once, and at most 3 times. There are some pairs that play once, some that play twice, and some that play three times. I don't know if this is the best that's possible.

Good luck!

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