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Question from Barb, a student:

there are five times as many children as adult at a playground. There
are 60 people on the playground.

write an algebra equation that represents this situation. Be sure to define
your variables.(start with statement "Let X= ___")

I started 5x= children and 60 total but i get confused on the other steps ..could you
help me brake it down please

Hi Barb,

You didn't start with the statement "Let X= ___". You started with "5x= children". From this it looks to me that your "x" is the number of adults so you should start with that statement.

Let $x$ be the number of adults at the playground. You are told that there are five times as many children as adults so you know that the number of children at the playground is $5x$. Thus in total there are $x + 5x$ people at the playground. You are told this number is $60.$ Write this as an equation.


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