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Question from chandler, a student:

A parking lot 200 meters wide; 1 centimeter:25 meters, find the length on the scale drawing and the scale factor

Hi Chandler,

Suppose you had a tape measure that is 25 meters long and you are going to use it to measure the width of the parking lot. You start at one side, measure 25 meters, make a chalk mark on the pavement, start the tape again at the chalk mark, measure another 25 meters and continue. How many times do you how many times do you measure 25 maters to get all the way across the parking lot? In your scale drawing each 25 meters is represented by 1 centimeter. How many centimeters wide is the parking lot in your scale drawing?

To find a scale factor you need to use the same units on both the parking lot and the scale drawing. How many centimeters is 25 meters?


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