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Question from Doug:

We have 14 players playing over 4 days. can we play with different players every day and keep the 3 x foursomes and 1 x pair format

Hi Doug,

No, that's not possible. Two of the foursomes on day 2 can use one player from each foursome on day 1, and one member of the pair. The third foursome will have no option but to use 2 players who were together on day 1.

I don't think it is necessary to have many repeats though. Try taking a 16 player schedule form the archive and deleting 2 players. One day will be as you like, and the others will have two foursomes and two threesomes. Just move a player from one of the threesomes to the other one (and make a foursome). Doing this should create at most one repeated pair the first time, and at most two the second time.

Good luck!

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