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Question from ella, a student:

the bowling alley on wedge street charges $5.50 for shoe rentals plus $2.50 per game. lawerence bowing alley charges $4.00 shoe rentals and $3.00 per game . how many games should they bowl to make wedge street cheaper than lawerence street

Hi Ella,

Suppose you bowl $n$ games. If you use the bowling alley on wedge street this will cost you

\[\$5.50 + \$2.50 \times n.\]

What will it cost you if you use the bowling alley on lawerence street? Set these two expression equal to each other and solve for $n.$ This will tell you the number of games for which the cost is the same. If you bowl more games then that it will be cheaper to go to wedge street since additional games will only cost $\$2.50$ each.


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