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Question from Mieke:

Using the following statements and the information given, how much money did each friend have.
Mike says, "I have $\$41.00$ more than Tony."
Jessica says, "I have 6 times as much as Tony plus $\$2.00.$"
Ashley says, "I have 13 times the amount Tony has."
Sara says, "I have the 8 times the amount Tony has."
The total together they had was $\$304.00$

Hi Mieke,

Suppose Tony has $T and then make a list of how much money each friend has.

  • Mike: $\$T + \$41.00$

  • Jessica: $6 \times \$T + \$2.00$

  • Ashley:

  • Sara:

Add the 4 amounts and the result is $\$304.00.$ Solve for $\$T.$


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