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Question from mike, a parent:

If a swimming pool can hold 30,000 US gallons of water - is it possible to calculate the number of yards of dirt it would take to fill the hole?


One gallon is 231 cubic inches so 30,000 gallons is 30,000 × 231 = 6,930,000 cubic inches. One yard is 36 inches so one cubic yard is 36 × 36 × 36 = 46,656 cubic inches. Hence

30,000 gallons = 6,930,000/46,656 = 148.5 cubic yards.

The easy way to make this calculation is to have Google do it for you. Type 30000 gallons in cubic yards into the Google search window and the response is 30 000 US gallons = 148.533951 cubic yards.


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