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Question from Morgan, a student:

Hi my math teacher has given us this question for our grade nine math
class and I always get confused about multiple x algebra, could you help me?

6x+4        3x+2
------   =  ------
  3               5

I have no problems until it comes to commissioning integers, or x's


Hi Morgan,

First I think you should eliminate the fractions. If you multiply both sides of the equation by 3 you get

step 1

You can now cancel the two 3s on the left to get

step 2

and thus

step 3.

To clear the fraction on the right, multiply both sides by 5 and cancel as above to get

5(6x + 4) = 3(3x + 2).

Using the distributive law on each side this becomes

30x + 20 = 9x + 6.

Can you complete the problem now? It may help to look at solutions to similar problems here and here.


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