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Question from nurul, a student:

Best Bakery shop received an order from your school to bake a 5kg of round cake for teachers day celebration. if a kilogram of cake has a volume of 3800cm^3,and the height of cake is to be 7.0cm, calculate the diameter of the baking tray to be used to fit the 5kg cake ordered by your school?(used pai=3.142)


If the volume of a kilogram of cake is $3800 \mbox{cm}^3$ what is the volume of a five kilogram cake? The shape of the cake is a cylinder and the volume, $V$ of a cylinder is given by

\[V = \pi r^2 h\]

where $r$ is the radius and $h$ is the height. You know the volume and the height so substitute these into the expression above and solve for r.


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