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Question from Pamela, a student:

A metal block has the dimensions of 3.16 inches wide, 2.15 inches
high, 4.98 inches long. What is the volume of the block in cm^3?
What is the block's mass if the metal has a density of 5.89g/cm^3.

I need worked step by step solution. I just can't seem to visualize
this problem. and have more like it. I'm starting to Panic!!
Please help, Thank you!!

This problem has several steps, all simple. You will need a pocket calculator, or you can use Google or the calculator application on your computer.

  1. Convert all three lengths to centimeters. Use a conversion factor of 2.54. Centimeters are smaller so there will be more of them than there were inches.

  2. Multiply the three numbers (order does not matter) to get the volume in cm3. Hint - the answer will be between 500 and 600 cm3 if it is correct.

  3. Mass = volume * density. Should be on the order of three kilos.

Good Hunting!

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