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Question from rahul, a student:

how is mathematics applied in entertainment?

Hi Rahul,

If you search the web for terms such as math and dance, math and performing arts or math and music you will find some useful information but I wan to show you particular application of mathematics to a dilemma in music.

First go to You Tube and listen to the very first chord in the Beatles song A Hard Days Night. Listen to this chord a few times. Over the years since the Beatles recorded this a number of musicians have tried, unsuccessfully to duplicate this chord. A few years ago a mathematician, Jason Brown from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada decided to use mathematics to see if he could dissect the chord to determine how it was constructed. There is an article on what he did in an online magazine called NoiseAddicts. This article also has a link to a pdf version of Jason's research paper on his web page at Dalhousie.


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