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Question from Scott, a parent:

I have a sign size regulation I have to meet. The size is .6 meters squared. at first look this would be 2 ft x 2 ft.
I believe it would be larger then that. Can you confirm what the size would be in inches please.

Hi Scott,

I used Google for the calculation you need. I typed 0.6 square meters in square inches into the Google search window and Google responded with 0.6 (square meters) = 930.00186 square inches.

2 feet by 2 feet is 24 inches by 24 inches which is 24 × 24 = 576 square inches. In fact 30 inches by 30 inches is 900 square inches which will meet the regulations. If the sign is to be rectangular then any size with length × width is less than 930 will meet the requirement.


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