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Question from Stacey, a parent:

six bippities equal three bops,and six bops equal two boos. How many
boos are there in one bippity,one bop, and one boo??

Dear Dr. Seuss,

fashion your fractions finer...
6 bippities to 3 bops (6/3) equals 2 bippities to 1 bop (2/1)
6 bops to 2 boos (6/2) equals 3 bops to 1 boo (3/1)


bippity, bop, boo
= bippity, bop, (bop, bop, bop)
= bippity, (bippity, bippity), (bippity, bippity), (bippity, bippity),
(bippity, bippity)

'tis a pity that this ditty of nine bippities stops here!


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