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Question from xolani, a student:

In your neighbourhood find a problem that can be solved using trigonometry and geometry. write a report on the problem and how you solved it. the report should contain:

a) a clear description of the problem, accompanied by a diagram and all necessary measurements.

b) a solution to thje problem, showing all calculations.

c) proper theorems and rules must be used as part of the solution.

We aren't going to do this one for you, Xolani! And if I did, your teacher might wonder since when your neighborhood was in Canada!

Ideas for problems: finding the height of something, finding the width of something without going to the other side, etc.

Methods you might find useful: similar triangles, trig with right triangles ("SOH CAH TOA"), sine law and cosine law for oblique triangles.

Make any measurements you have to make carefully.

Pay just as much attention to your writing as you would on an english or history assignment. You should be able to read it aloud and have it make sense, even the math bits. (Remember, "equals is a verb, plus and times are prepositions")

Good Hunting!

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