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Question from Yasmine, a student:

what's the answer, greatest to least

3/8 1/4 2/3


To order the fractions it really helps if they all have the same denominator. See for example my response to an earlier question.

For your problem, if you multiply the numerator and denominator of the second fraction by 2 you get $\frac14 = \frac{1 \times 2}{4 \times 2} = \frac28.$ Hence it is straightforward to compare $\frac38$ and $\frac14 = \frac28.$ To compare $\frac23$ to the first two you need a common denominator. $3 \times 8 = 24$ so $24$ so express all three fractions with the denominator of $24$ to compare them.

I hope this helps,

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