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Question from Hope, a student:

cos (theta / 30 = 1
I am very confused as to how to solve it. Can you help?

Hi Hope,

I think you know that $\cos 0 = 1$ so one solution to $\cos \large \frac{\theta}{30} = 1$ is $\large \frac{\theta}{30} = 0. $ But if $\large \frac{\theta}{30} = 0$ then $\theta = 0$ and hence one solution is $\theta = 0.$

This is not the only solution however since $\cos(360^o)$ is also $1$ so $\large \frac{\theta}{30} = 360^o$ gives $\cos \large \frac{\theta}{30} = 1.$ What is the value of $\theta?$ Are there other solutions?


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