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Question from Margaret:

I need the list/group for a raffle that would contain the combinations
for a 3 digit (000-999) daily number. There would be 100 tickets sold
with 10 3-digit numbers from each numerical group beginning
from 000's, 100's 200's, 300's,...900's. No duplicates/replacement. What would be the
list of possible combinations of each group of 100 tickets, keeping each
different group/list of combinations in separate blocks of 100 tickets
without duplication. So I could use 1 list of 100 this year and the next list of
combos next year and so forth. Please help!

Example: 000,197,245,367,445,569,618,777,842,964

What would be the possible lists of each 100 tickets?
Thank you

Hi Margaret,

As I understand it each ticket will contain 10, 3-digit numbers, so your example of 000,197,245,367,445,569,618,777,842,964 is one ticket. If this is correct then you have 100 choices for the first 3-digit number on the ticket, the numbers from 000 to 099. Once you have decided on the first 3-digit number you have 100 choices for the second 3-digit number, the numbers from 100 to 199 and so on. Thus in total you have

\[100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100 \times 100\]

possible tickets. That's $100,000,000,000,000,000,000$ tickets. Way too many to list!


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