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Question from robert:

i have 29 golfers and have to make 8 teams for a golf scramble there will be 5 teams of 4 and 3 teams of 3 what is the fairest way to make up the teams?


There isn't a good way to describe "fairest". The way the scramble is scored might come into play in the decision. For example, if you're scoring by average net score in each team, then the handicaps should take care of equalizing the scores and you could pick the teams randomly.

If the lower handicap players tend to be a bit more consistent, it might be good to rank the players from lowest to highest in handicap and make sure each team has players at all levels. Maybe consider putting

  • the top 8 players on teams 1 through 8, and then

  • the bottom 8 on teams 8 through 1 (the strongest player among the bottom 8 goes on team 8, the next strongest on team 7, etc)

  • for the middle 13 ranked players, maybe put the first 8 on teams 8 through 1, and the last 5 on teams 1 through 5.

Best of luck!

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