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Question from steve:

i have 16 golfers, 4 in "A" flight , 4 in "B" flight , 4 in "C" and 4 in "D"

We are playing 4 rounds (4 teams of 4) and every group must have a player from the A B C an D
flight, and in no round may 2 people have already played together!


You're in luck. The schedule you want exists. Go to the Quandaries and Queries page and use the Quick Search to search the archives for golf 16. Delete week 1 and call those foursomes the "flights". The schedule you want is then weeks 2 through 5. In one of the pages in the archives, a question from Bill, there is a spreadsheet that will allow you to put in the 16 names and it will generate the schedule for you.

Good luck!

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