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Question from swathi, a student:

Frank and Frances work out at their local gym. the mean of their workout times is the same: 48 min. however, the range of Frank's workout times is 7 min, while the range of Frances' workout times is 16 min. explain how this is possible.


For Frank you need a range of 7 minutes and a mean of 48 minutes so I looked for two numbers with a difference of 7 and with 48 between them. I chose 45 and 52. If the first two of times Frank went to the gym his workout times were 45 minutes and 52 minutes then his range was 7 minutes but his mean wasn't 48 minutes. On Frank's third trip to the gym what workout time would he need to have his mean time for the 3 workouts to be 48 minutes? What is the range of the 3 workout times?


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