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Question from Brian, a student:

After searching the data base which helped me solve at least 3 other issues I have one more un answered question. I have 18 golfers split into 6 threesomes for 4 days of golf. What is my best option for a schedule mixing them all up as much as possible over the course of the 4 days


It isn't possible for every pair of players to play together. The best you can get is a schedule where no 2 players are together twice. That turns out to be possible. There is a nice schedule for 9 players that has every pair together exactly once over 4 days. It is this ABC DEF GHI, AHF DBI GEC, ADG BEH CFI, AEI BFG CDG. Randomly (or not so randomly) split your 18 into two groups of 9, and then use this schedule on each group.

Have fun!

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