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Question from emily, a student:

hey um i need to find and problem that fallows bedmas that has one division one multiplication and one sub and one add and one brackets and one exponents that has the answer of number 7

Hi Emily,

I really dislike the term bedmas. These acronyms that are used by textbooks make me think of witches around a cauldron creating magic spells. Mathematics is not magic and you don't need spells to do it. I would rather the problem said

Write a mathematical expression that uses one division, one multiplication, one subtraction, one addition, one set of brackets and one exponent that has the answer of number 7.

I'll write an expression for you but mine will have the answer 5. You need to come up with one that has the answer 7. My expression is

\[\frac{4 \times \left( 3^2 + 1 \right)}{5} - 3\]


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