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Question from Miranda, a student:

My coordinates provided are (6, 6) and (-8, 9) and i need to put this into ax+bx=c format. I remember the equation to find the slope of y2-y1/x2-x1 to get the slope. However when i put that back into the y=mx+b format it still leaves me with a lot of variables. Please help :)

Hi Miranda,

I think there is a typo in your question. I expect you are to put the equation into the format

\[a x + b y = c.\]

Now when you have the equation in the format $ y = m x + b$ you can simply move the $m x$ term to the other side of the equation and you are done. You can however make the equation look nicer by multiplying each side be the denominator of the slope and then you will have $a x + b y = c$ with $a, b, \mbox{ and }c$ all integers.


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