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Question from anupam, a parent:

my daughter asking a solution for the below question, kindly help.

Write the smallest 6 digit number with digits ( 2,4,3,0,5,7).

plz this is an urgent requirement.


Hi Anupam,

This is a question about place value. Below is a place value chart for a six digit number

place value chart

The fact I want you to notice is that if you have two six digit numbers and the two numbers have different digits in the hundreds thousands place then the number with the smaller digit in the hundreds thousands place is the smaller of the two numbers. For example 367835 is smaller than 567835. Thus of all the six digit numbers with digits 2,4,3,0,5 and 7 the smallest number will have the smallest digit in the hundreds thousands place. The smallest digit among 2,4,3,0,5 and 7 is 0 but if you put 0 in the hundreds thousands place you will have a five digit number. Hence you want the next smallest digit, 2, in the hundreds thousands place. Now you are faced with choosing the digit in the ten thousands place. Do you see what to do?


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