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Question from Ayatullah:


We are three partners and bought a property at 2050000 and sold at 2300000.
Details of investment of the partners
X= 1500000
Y= 400000
Z = 150000

My questions are
1) How could i calculate percentage of investment of each partner?
2) How could i deduct 30% commission from each partner in profit?
3) How could i distribute the profit amongst the partners?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ayatullah,

The investment share for partner X was $\large \frac{1500000}{2050000} \normalsize = 0.731707$ or $73.1707\%.$ In a similar fashion you can calculate the share of the investment by partners Y and Z.

The profit was $\$250000$ so I would distribute the gross profit using the same percentages. This partner X would get $0.731707 \times 250000$ dollars. Before distributing the profit deduct $30\%$ from each partner's gross profit.


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