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Question from dana, a student:

you have $\$9.50$ in coins. it has twice as many nickels as quarters and three times as many dimes as nickels. how many of each coin do you have?

Hi Dana,

I need a variable to represent the number of nickels, dimes or quarters. I an going to let $Q$ be the number of quarters then the number of dimes and nickels are integer multiples of $Q.$ If I let the number of one of the other coins be the variable then I will have to deal with fractions.

If $Q$ is the number of quarters you have how many nickels do you have? How many dimes do you have? Since each quarter has a value of $\$0.25$ what is the value of $Q$ quarters? What is the value of your nickels? What is the value of your dimes? The total value is $\$9.50.$ Solve for $Q.$


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