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Question from Leila, a student:

How do you find the solution to 0=-2(x-5)^2+4

Hi Leila,

I can suggest two ways to approach this problem. First you could expand $\left(x - 5 \right)^2 $ then simplify the expression $0=-2 \left( x-5 \right)^2+4$ and solve the resulting quadratic.

The second approach is to rewrite the equation as $0 = -2 \left( x - 5 \right)^2 + 4$ as $2 \left( x - 5 \right)^2 = 4,$ divide both sides by $2,$ take the square root of each side and solve for $x.$

My suggestion is that you choose one approach and solve for $x$ then check your answer by using the other approach.


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