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Question from Louise:

So I got a paycheck for 89.02 they took out in deductions 15.69.
I want to know the percentage they are taking out so that I can figure my take home pay each week before I get it. So I know what to expect for pay each week so I can budget my bills from now on a weekly basis. If I know the percentage than I can just figure out the percentage through how many hours in the week I worked and multiply my gross pay and know what my take home will be

Hi Louise,

I assume that your paycheck was for $\$89.02$ after deductions of $\$15.69.$ Thus your gross pay was $89.02 + \$15.69 = \$104.71.$ Think of your paycheck as a fraction of your gross pay, that fraction being $\large \frac{89.02}{104.71} \normalsize = 0.85$ or as a percentage that's $85\%.$


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