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Question from Amanda, a student:

using base 6, what is the next number after 25? 35? 55? and 455?

I need to be able to show the base 6 material.

Hi again Amanda,

Let's count in base 6.

Value Notation How to read the notation
one 1 one
two 2 two
three 3 three
four 4 four
five 5 five
six $10_6$ one zero base 6
seven $11_6$ one one base 6
eight $12_6$ one two base 6
nine $13_6$ one three base 6
ten $14_6$ one four base 6
eleven $15_6$ one five base 6
twelve $20_6$ two zero base 6
thirteen $21_6$ two one base 6

Continue the table five more rows.

Can you answer your first two questions now? What about $55_6$ and $455_6?$

write back if you need more help,

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