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Question from Chris:

I would like to find the gas oil ratio for a 2 cycle engine. I have the gallons of gas and the ounces of oil used by the engine, but I want to find what the ratio is. For example I used 5.675 gallons of gas and 5 ounces oil what is the ratio? Please explain step by step, and I understand there are 128oz in
a gallon.

Hi Chris,

Since there are 128 ounces in a gallon 5.675 gallons is $128 \times 5.675 = 726.4$ ounces. Thus the ratio of gas to oil is 726.4 to 5. To simplify this divide both sides of the ratio by 5 to get 145 to 1.

This seems to be quite high. The 2 cycle engines I have, an outboard motor a snow blower and a chain saw all require a ratio of gas to oil to be about 50 to 1. Make sure you check the amounts in your owner's manual.


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