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Question from Davis, a student:

i don't know how to answer this question. please help!

a survey about student government shows the following results

110 like the program
120 think the program is unnecessary
210 plan on running for student government next year

if this information is put in a circle graph,what is the central angle for the students who like the program?

Hi Davis,

It looks to me that 440 students were asked about the student government, given three choices and a asked to select one. The results are given in your question to us. You are asked to display the results in a circle graph.

Your circle graph will have three sectors, on for each of the three response choices. The area of each sector will be proportional to the fraction of students who made the appropriate selection. For example the sector representing "like the program" will have an area proportional to $\frac{110}{440} = \frac14$.What is the central angle of a sector that contains $\frac14$ of the area of the circle? What about the other two sectors?

Write back if you need more assistance,

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