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Question from GA:

Hi, here is my question:

I want to find out examples in universe for this equation:
sin(x)/cos(x)=1 or tan(x)=1. I know the mathematical answer of pie/4 or 45 degree angle.

What I need to know is to find examples of this. I found an example in construction, for example, which is the shape of attic in the house.

I want to find examples in universe like in solar system, in quasars or jets coming out of them, in galaxies, in stars, in black holes, etc

Do you know of any such examples?

I will really appreciate your answer.

Short answer: no.

There are some in crystallography: for instance, because the sides of a perfect salt crystal are equal (not so much in practice) the face diagonal is at 45 degrees to an edge.

Nature doesn't do right angles all that much; 45 degree angles, much less.

Good hunting!

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