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Question from Kent:

I have an item I sell for $\$19.95$ and make a profit of $\$10.97$ for each sale.
If I reduce the price to $\$14.97,$ my profit is $\$5.99$ each sale.
Is there a formula to determine how many more I would need to sell
at $\$5.99$ per sale to make the same net cash (profit) as selling at $\$10.97$ per sale?

Hi Kent,

$\frac{\$10.97}{\$5.99} = 1.83$ or $1.83 \times \$5.99 = \$10.97$ and hence you would need to sell $1.83$ times as many items at $\$14.97$ to make the same profit as selling them at $\$19.97.$


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