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Question from Lenny:

Hi There,

I need to find out the the density of sea sand to convert one metric ton to cubic meter as I am submitting for a tender which is in cubic meter but the requirement is in metric ton. I searched through the web site but no density of sea sand is given though there is specific Gravity of dry sand is available. I was given a density of 1.6 to work with. If that is true am I right to say that 1 cubic meter of sea sand is Equivalent to 1.6 metric ton? Please help as I am getting confused with what I am able to find out on the web.
Thanks much in advance

Hi Lenny,

I looked at various places on the web and found the density of wet sand to be 1922 kilograms per cubic meter at 3 sites and 1905 kilograms per cubic meter at 1 site so let's say the density is approximately 1900 kilograms per cubic meter. One metric ton is 1000 kilograms so

\[1 \mbox{ cubic meter of wet sand} = 1.9 \mbox{ metric tons.}\]

I'm not sure where your 1.6 came from. Maybe the person who gave it to you found the density of wet sand to me 1600 kilograms per cubic meter.


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