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Question from alondra, a student:

Ricky went on a bike ride. After 6 miles he got a flat tire and had to jog home. He jogs 3mph slower than he bikes, so the jog took 1 hour longer than the bike ride. At what rate did he travel each way?

I don't necessarily need the answer but the set up for the equation would be perfect!

HI Alondra,

The important equation here is that rate equals distance divided by time, in your units miles per hour is miles divided by hours.

For the bike ride let the time be $t$ hours and the rate $r$ miles per hour. Write the equation for the bike ride. For the jog, what is the time and rate in terms of $t$ and $r.$ Write the equation foe the jog. Solve the pair of equations for $t$ and $r.$


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