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Question from Barghavi, a student:

A man earns $\$325$ per week plus an additional 8% on any sales over $\$500.$
If he makes $\$6,250$ in sales, how much money in total does he earn that week?
thank you!


The company who hired this man wants to encourage him to make many sales so they offer a bonus if he sells more that $\$500$ worth of merchandise. The bonus is that each week he will get 8% of the sales he makes over $\$500.$ Thus if he sells $\$600$ worth of merchandise he will make $\$325$ plus 8% of $\$100$ which is $\$325 + 0.08 \times \$100 = \$325 + \$8 = \$333.$ If he sells $\$2,510$ worth of merchandise he will make $\$325 + 0.08 \times \$2,010 = \$325 + \$160.80 = \$485.80.$

What will he make if he sells $\$6,250$ worth of merchandise?


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