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Question from edwin, a student:

1/3 ( x-5 ) + 4 =1/6 ( 2 - 3 x ) +1

Hi Edwin,

I expect it is the fractions in the expression

\[\frac13 (x - 5) = \frac16 (2 - 3x) + 1\]

that is the problem, so let's eliminate them. If you multiply the left side by 3 then the fraction there is eliminated but if you multiply the right side by 3 you still have a fraction of $\large \frac{1}{2}.$ If you multiply both sides by 6 you eliminate both fractions. My suggestion then is that you multiply both sides by 6 and solve the resulting equation for $x.$ Make sure you verify your answer.

Write back if you need more assistance,

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