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Question from Faye:

I have been asked to build a dreamcatcher, which is round into a 3x3foot area. What would the circumference be that I would need to make the hoop? I am thinking it is 9.42 feet long but am not good in math.

Hi Faye,

I took an image of a dreamcatcher from the Chrystallinks site and put a square frame around the large circle.


If the frame is a 3 foot square as in your situation then you can see by the image that the diameter of the circle is 3 feet. The circumference of a circle is $\pi \; d$ feet where $d$ is the diameter in feet and $\pi$ is approximately 3.1416. Thus in your situation the circumference of the circle or hoop is $\pi \times 3 = 9.42$ feet.

Good luck with your project,

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