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Question from J.H.:

I am negotiating with a company to sell them land that they would use for excavating soil to be used in construction. I would like to value the land based on the volume of soil they are likely to remove. I have seen several answers, giving the calculation based on 43,650 sq. ft./acre x number of acres x number of feet in depth, divided by 27 to convert the number to cu. yds. However, that is the number when compacted. They pay $.50/yd. of soil removed, but that yd. is not compacted. How do you calculate the number of yds. of uncompacted soil in 1 acre of land?


I did an internet search to see what I could find. The best information I found was a page in the Engineering Toolbox. I hope there is something there that will help.

In the process of doing this I learned a meaning of the word borrow. My dictionary app says that in Civil Engineering a borrow or borrow pit is "a pit from which construction material, as sand or gravel, is taken for use as fill at another location."


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