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Question from justin, a student:

Carlos, Mark, Jeremy, and Alan all collect Yugioh cards. Mark has twice as many cards as Jeremy. Carlos has 3 times as many cards as Jeremy, and Alan has collected 12 less than 3 times as many cards as Jeremy. Together the four players have collected 456 cards. How many does each person have?

Hi Justin,

This is an algebra problem and you are going to have to solve an equation. The quest is, what should the variable be? If you read the problem you will se that the number of cards each player has is given in terms of the number of cards that Jeremy has so it seems like a good choice to let the number of card that Jeremy has be the variable.

Let the number of card that Jeremy has be $J.$ In terms of $J$ how many cards does Mark have? What about Carlos and Alan? The total number of card they all have is 456. Solve for $J.$

Make sure you verify your answer.


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