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Question from Sabira, a student:

simplify step by step

5x/8 + 7y/18 = 6

Hi Sabira,

I am not sure what simplify means in this problem. It depends on the form of the expression you think is simplified. Is it to look like $ax + by = c$ where $a, b$ and $c$ are integers? Is it to look like $y = m x + b$ where $m$ and $b$ are constants? Is it to be in some other form? In any case I will try to get you started.

The two denominators on the left side have a common factor of 2 so I would first multiply both sides by 2 to reduce the denominators. Once you have done that look at the two denominators that remain. What is a common denominator? Multiply both sides by the common denominator and you will then have an expression with no fractions.

I hope this helps,

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