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Question from Sharon, a student:

How do you turn a fraction into a percentage? I'm beyond confused with this. Even though I think of myself as a good math student doing 8th grade math at a young age, this just makes me want to scream! I get the way you turn 1/4 into 25%, but when it comes to something like 7/9 = ? I just can't figure out the answer.

Hi Sharon,

To convert a common fraction into a percent you need to find an equivalent fraction with 100 in the denominator. That's what percent means, per one hundred. Thus for 7/9 you need to find $x$ so that

\[\frac79 = \frac{x}{100}.\]

To solve for $x$ multiply both sides by 100 to get

\[x = \frac79 \times 100 = 77.78.\]

Thus $\large \frac79$ is 77.78%.

I hope this helps,

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