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Question from DeAnna:

I am trying to drape a 15 x 30 garage with yards of fabric. If the yard of fabric is 60 inches wide, would 10 1/4 yards be enough for my space?

Hi DeAnna,

The subject line of your email was "Draping ceiling" and that is a rectangle of length 30 feet and width 15 feet. If by draping the ceiling you mean covering the ceiling you will need to cover $15 \times 30 = 450$ square feet with the fabric.

The fabric is 60 inches wide which is 5 feet since $5 \times 12 = 60$ and you have 10.75 yards of fabric. Each yard is 3 feet and thus you have a length of $3 \times 10.75 = 32.25$ feet of fabric. Hence the area of the fabric you have is $5 \times 32.25 = 161.25$ square feet.

Thus you don't have enough fabric.


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