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Question from Farah:

Hi, my name is Farah. I hope you can help me with this question . X/2 + g/5= 3 and 2g - f = 10

Hi Farah,

Ar you sure the first equation is correct? Should it be

\[\frac{f}{2} + \frac{g}{5} = 3?\]

It seems strange to have two equations and three variables.

Anyway the subject line of your email had "fraction" in it so I am assuming that the fractions in the first equation are causing you difficulty. I would eliminate them.

First multiply both sides of the first equation by 2. This will eliminate one of the fractions. Next multiply both sides of the first equation by 5. This will eliminate the second equation. The result is an equation that is equivalent to the first equation and a second equation with no fractions. Can you solve the system now?

If you still have difficulty, write back, tell us what you have done and where you are stuck and we will try to help.


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