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Question from Joe:

Dear Sir/Madam,

How can I describe the following.

My volume tolerance limit is 0.5%,regardless of quantity.

Say , My total volume output is 344,714 Litres and benchmark volume is 348,194
Difference of 3480Litres, this would give me a percentage of 0.999.

Which is above my tolerance.
How can I explain this high tolerance limit even though volume difference is minimal.



Hi Joe,

Your benchmark volume is $348,194$ litres and 1% of $348,194$ is $\large \frac{348194}{100} \normalsize = 3,481.94$ litres and hence half a percent of $348,194$ is $\large \frac{3,481.94}{2} \normalsize = 1,740.97$ litres. The difference you have is $3480$ litres which is almost twice the tolerance of $1,740.97.$ You might think the volume difference is minimal but half a percent is quite a strict tolerance limit.


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