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Question from Jordan, a student:

(7,-5) 3x -4y=5

Hi Jordan,

you didn't give any instructions but the subject line of your email was "Parallel lines" so I expect you are to find the equation of the line that passes through $(7, -5)$ and is parallel to $3x - 4y = 5.$ To do this first rewrite the equation $3x - 4y = 5$ in the form $y = mx + b.$ In that form $m$ is the slope of the line. The line you want can also be written in the form $y = mx + b$ with the same value of $m$ but a different value of $b.$ Use the fact that the line passes through $(7, -5)$ to find the value of $b.$

Try this and if you get stuck write back, tell us what you have done and we will try to help,

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